Atsuya Kono

河野 敦哉

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    興味のあるかたちを、独特のリズムで繰り返し描いた作品。 使った画材が偶然水彩色鉛筆だったため、試しに水を含ませた筆をすべらせてみると、思いがけず幻想的な効果が生まれた。

    His artwork is a piece with unique rhythm, where shapes that are of interest to him are repeatedly drawn. He unintentionally used watercolour pencils as a drawing medium. Unexpectedly through a trial, he slid the brush over the drawn work with water, which he found had created a mystical effect.

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河野 敦哉Atsuya Kono

1968年 広島県生まれ廿日市市在住。
小さい頃から家の内外でアイドルで病院へ行くと、受付の小窓から診察券と一緒に看護師さんに抱きとられて中に入り、受診の順番になると入院患者さんが診察室まで連れてきてくれるのが常だった。 注目してほしいときには大きな声で「アッハッハ〜!」とアピールする。場の空気を察知するのが得意で、発言のタイミングを心得ている。 パンダ、カツ丼、カレンダー、お出かけ、クイズをはじめTV番組視聴が大好き。 廿日市特別支援校卒業後、広島ひかり園で草木染め作業の合間に絵を描くようになる。 旅行先で見たもの、小さい頃に夢中で見ていたTV番組など、その時に描きたいものをニコニコしながら色鉛筆やペンの赴くままにサッと描く。

Born in1968 in Hiroshima
Currently living in Hatsukaichi-city
Since young, Atsuya has been popular both at home and outside. When he visited the hospital, his tiny body used to be transferred through the small window at the reception counter. The nurse caught him in her arms together with his consultation card. When his turn came, other hospital patients even took him to the consultation room. In order to draw attention, he often appeals to the people surrounding him by making “A, Hah, Hah” sounds, and other loud sounds. He is good at reading the air and sensing people feelings and moods. He knows when a good time is to speak. He loves pandas, eating katsudon - a rice bowl toppled with slices of fried pork cutlet, looking at calendars, going out, playing quizzes and last but not least, watching TV. Upon graduating from the Hatsukaichi Special Support School, he started painting in his spare time. He works by dyeing plants at the Hiroshima Hikari En. He uses colour pencils and pens to draw pictures of what he likes, such as things that inspire him during travelling and TV programs that he watched witlessly when he was young. Once ready to draw, he draws quickly and freely while smiling.