Junpei Kito

鬼頭 純平

  • | ビューティフルワールド
     Beautiful World |



    What a gorgeous piece of artwork! In this piece of artwork, the artist’s favorite animals and seasonal flowers are drawn and painted using one dynamic stroke.
    The way he captures the shapes of animals and how he had organized the colors to paint them, shine on his originality. The vividly colored animals indeed touch the hearts of viewers.

  • | 猫・ねこ・ネコ
     Cat, Cat, Cats |


  • | アリスインワンダーランド
     Alice in Wonderland |


  • | 森のフクロウ
     Owl of Forrest |


  • | 和 なごみ
     Harmony, Peace of Mind |


  • | ソフィアローレン
     Sofia Loren |


  • | オードリーヘップバーン
     Audrey Hepburn |


鬼頭 純平Junpei Kito

1996年 広島県生まれ安芸郡坂町在住。

Born on 30 May 1996 in Hiroshima
Currently living in Saka-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima
When he was two years old, he was diagnosed with autism. He has difficulty using words to communicate. His discomfort with this is sometimes expressed in his art. Despite this, he always communicates people with the smiling face and has become a popular person in his local area.
He loved watching animation since he was little. He started to sketch animated characters, including characters like anpanman and doraemon. He could do so quite accurately from various scenes. At the age of 11, he started to make art seriously, which showed his talent.
Refined lines and speedy drawing were his specialty. When he was 18 years old, he was introduced to Copic markers. Encountering the markers opened a new world of colors.
He held art performances in contest venue. When private art exhibitions were held, he gave visitors to the exhibition their portraits as a gift.