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    すべて色鉛筆とマジックを使って描かれています。 四角のみ描いてその後マジックで「赤・黄色・水色」を描いています。 当初線画中心だった彼の作品は少しずつ変化していき、 細やかな描き方からダイナミックな描き方に変化をしていっています。 直感で描かれる作品となる為、思いつくままに描かれています。

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宮谷 泰平taihei miyatani

1998年広島県生まれ 安芸高田市在住。
就労センターあっぷ 食品製造課に所属。(2021年6月現在)普段はどーなつやかりんとうなどのお菓子製造の作業を行い毎週火曜日に行われるアート活動の日にアートに携わる。普段から模写等はせず、自分の感性のままに描き、あっという間に作品を完成させる。

Taihei Miyatani Born in 1998 in Hiroshima, Currently living in Akitakada-city He belongs to the Food Manufacturing Section at the Employment Centre UP (as of June 2021). His regular job involves manufacturing various confectionaries such as donuts and karinto – these are Japanese fried dough cookies. There is an art activity day every Tuesday,which is when his artworks are created. Copying or reproducing the real objects is not a part of his usual art practice. He paints intuitively and completes the artworks in no time. Art of Variety I, 2020 All were drawn and painted with colour pencils and markers. Firstly, he outlined only the square shapes. He then used markers to colour them in “red” “yellow” and “light blue”. In the beginning, his artistic style was focused on line drawing. Over time, his style has been changed from a small and finely arranged way of line drawing to a more dynamic way of painting. His artworks are spontaneous works. He draws and paints as images come to his mind randomly.