Yoshika Tsunetomi

常富 芳香

  • | ほしだん Ho.shi.dan |



    This is an embroidered masterpiece. The artist spent about three years to complete it.
    She interweaved various strings made of wool, vinyl and other materials. In spite of her physical difficulties, she managed to collect all the materials by herself and created it diligently.
    This powerful artwork is created by her effort in diligent embroidering everyday.
    It displays complexity in its needlework, where in irregularity, there is also an embodiment of regularity. Viewers are delightedly attracted by its ambiguity.

  • | スマちゃん Suma-chan |


  • | キミちゃん Kimi-chan |


  • | 空 Sky |


  • | 花火 Fireworks |


  • | しかく Square |


  • | みやじま Miyajima |


常富 芳香Yoshika Tsunetomi

1939年 山口県生まれ広島県廿日市市在住。

Born in 10 August 1939 in Yamaguchi
Currently living in Hatsukaichi-city, Hiroshima
She was born into the Tsunetomi family and is loved as the 7th child of the family. When she was 29 years old, she joined a home called the Hiroshima Hikari En, where she was employed and made friends. Whilst over there, she was introduced to cross-stitch embroidery and eventually came to love needlework. Stitching as she pleased, she has created unique embroidery art with colorful strings.
At 63 years old, her beloved husband passed away. She deeply grieved the loss of her husband, of whom she had met and married in the home. Consoled by the friends at the home and her siblings, she was able to continue embroidery. She was able complete her cross-stitched work and framed it as a completed picture.
She has produced a number of massive artwork, which has often taken her a few months to finish.
At the age of 77 years old, she held her first private art exhibition, where over 900 visitors were recorded.